I haven’t had a new iDevice in about a year, and so last night at the iPhoneography event, I splashed out and picked a pair of Apple’s new headphones, the EarPods. Now I’ve read some pretty scathing reviews about the earphones, but after having watched Apple’s infovideo on the Earpods and hearing the work (over 124 prototypes and 600 different ears) that went into creating them, I felt the need to try them out for myself.

Before we go further, please note that I’m no audiophile.

So far, I’m super impressed. I think where the reviews of the Earpods have gone wrong is in the assumption that Apple was trying to make the best quality headphones on the market. On that mark, they’ve failed. What they’ve managed to do though is make the most comfortable in-ear headphones, which still produce great sound, that I’ve ever used. A few people mentioned that they feel as though they’re about to fall out at any second, and that’s exactly it; they’re just barely touching the ear, but still directing the sound into all the right places. I literally don’t feel as though I’m wearing them, yet I still get the same quality sound as from my regular headphones. These I feel I could wear the entire day, where as my Skullcandy in-ears (with their silicon cups) become uncomfortable after more than an hours use.