Google Glass has one very important flaw: by its very nature, it’s attached to your face. Actually it invades your face and as we know, our faces are very important to us. There are entire industries dedicated to faces. Making them up, changing them, making them bigger, smaller and prettier. We look at our own faces every day either with smug enthusiasm or derision. We look at other peoples’ faces all the time and there’s an enormous amount of information we get from doing this. The slightest twitch of facial muscle, or even the absence of one, gives us clues about the person we’re speaking to. Essentially, our voices and mouths account for only a small part of what we’re actually trying to communicate to others.

Google Glass, in its current form, gets in the way of this. If there’s one part of your body that you want to remain unique, it’s your face. We’ll each have this horrible tech-based monobrow, a ubiquitous face mounted wearable technology which will give us all one enormous and identical appendage in common.
It’s not going to work.