If you’ve spent anytime online lately, you’ve undoubtably heard the rumours that Apple are in the process of developing an Apple Car. At first this seems like a silly idea and an shameless cashing in on the idea that people will buy anything Apple makes. While this may be true, I think there is more to this idea than initially seems obvious. Wether it’s Apple or someone else who “fixes” the industry, here are two things wrong with the current automobile model.

You can have it in any colour as long as it’s black.

Imagine if you bought the new Galaxy S10 but if you wanted the upgraded camera, well then you’d have to pay extra. You want the touchscreen, pay up. Bluetooth. Wifi. Scratch resistant glass. Colour coded front and back design. Hardware volume rocker? What if apps were an option? Imagine paying for each of these as an optional, made-to-order extra. It would firstly be a nuisance to buy a phone, and secondly, they would be outrageously expensive. Why on earth do we do the same for a car?

What cost could BMW get the 1 Series down to if it only made one model, with 2 engine sizes in 3 different colours. NO optional extras. Would this really impact their sales negatively? It seems such a shame that they design beautiful cars only butcher them apart into a list of optional extras.

Henry Ford was right all along.

Autopilot will become the new seatbelt. 

Ever driven a car without wearing a seatbelt? No? I’ll wager that in 10 years time the idea of driving a car yourself at all will seem just as crazy. Tweets of the future will feature outrage at #SelfDrivers.